Hepatitis B Virus Quantitative Real-time PCR Kit

Product Description:Quantitive diagnosis of Hepatitis B virus in blood serum or blood plasma using TagMan probes.Features:-High sensitivity: 20 IU/mL dectection limit-Internal control-Cross-contaminat

Product Description:

Quantitive diagnosis of Hepatitis B virus in blood serum or blood plasma using TagMan probes.


-High sensitivity: 20 IU/mL dectection limit

-Internal control

-Cross-contamination control: Uracil-DNA glycosylase + dUTP

-Can be used for samples with high blood fat, high hemolysis, or drug treated samples

-Wide range of genotypes coverage: HBV A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H



Compatible DNA Extraction Kit:

Hybribio DNA Prep Kit (Cat. No HBDP)

Sample type: blood serum or blood plasma

Instrument requirements: FAM, HEX/JOE, ROX/Red 610, Cy5 fluorescent detection channels (LineGene 9660, ABI 7500, Rotor-Gene 3000, Mx3005P, LightCycler 480)

Standard Materials: Internal control, negative control, strong positive (1×106 IU/ml) and critical positive (100 IU/ml).


Sample Typeblood serum or blood plasma
Device/instrument required4 channel Real-time PCR machine (Probes: FAM, HEX/JOE, ROX/ Red 610, Cy5)
Sample volume Required1 ml
ControlsInternal Controls (IC), External Controls
Maximum run at a time1 test/reaction
ResultQuantitative detection HBV infections


–       High throughput with short reaction time
–       Easy to operate
–       No specific RT-PCR instrument required, open platform
–       Reduce unnecessary labor cost and reaction time